Project Description

ChemIoT is the integration of Chemistry and High-Tech IoT and AI to develop cheaper, purer, and greener chemical compounds and raw materials. We developed their corporate website as a first reaching point for their potential VCs and investors. The website should be an online visualization of what they have in mind so we worked on a pre-built WordPress theme to increase the website development. The outcome result was a smooth startup website with the necessary items for them to show and share with their potential target market and investors. The project was developed for the Netherlands but the potential market was global so we launched the website in English.

About ChemIoT

“ChemIoT is the IoT-based green chemistry solution providing company to produce cheaper, greener and purer chemical compounds” Solutions imply an integration of service and products. For each customer, companies go through their inventory of products and configure them to address that customer’s specific challenges. Each customer may have slightly different needs and slightly different constraints

About us

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